Credit:Taod, "Self-portrait in spin"

  • One in four Americans die of cancer. This statistic is baffling, yet very real. We all by our early twenties know someone with cancer or someone who has died from cancer; however, very few individuals really understand what cancer is. For my final project, I want web-users to re-examine their understanding of cancer. I want those who interact with the site to walk away aware of the diversity of cancers, and to think about how we group cancers as a collective entity.
  • Users will first be drawn in by an interactive page that allows them to manage the growth of cancer in an abstract yet poignant manner though simple use of divs and rollover. They will next be asked to define cancer in their own words. When they click on the word "cancer", they will be taken to another page where they will be shown a quote by one of the top scientists in the world. Clicking on any of the cancers in the quote will lead the user to a page where the word "cancer" will be repeated over and over again. By hovering over one of the "cancers", it will grow in size proportional to the corresponding mortality rates in the states. If they click on any of the cancers, a popup will appear with information about the specific cancer. Lastly, the middle cancer on the page will lead to the final page in which the viewer will observe their intial response to "cancer is..." as well as view responses from other individuals.